Strainers and Pumps

At Metal Professionals we rebuild duplex Strainers, seachest valves, check valves, ballast pumps and sump pumps off ships. Instead of having to replace the Strainers or pumps at great cost, we can refurbish them and put them back into good working order. We have extensive experience in rebuilding the parts and machining new parts. From Ballast pumps, water pumps, transfer pumps, we can machine them back to new. We apply anti-corrosion coatings to the parts. We add wear coatings to the inside of the strainers to repair wear and pitting. We also do vibration analysis on generators and alignments on other equipment on the ships. For parts that are no longer available, we can fabricate new replacement parts.

Metal Professionals has extensive experience working on equipment off the Great Lakes Ships. Here are examples of a duplex strainer, sump pump, valve and oil pump. We rebuild pumps, valves, strainers, whistles and shafts to name a few. We also do vibration analysis on generators and engines. We fabricate new parts and rebuild equipment to operate like new. Need a modification – we can also help you make changes to existing parts. From Tugs to 1000 foot ships, we can help you with any of your machining and fabrication needs.
All of our workers have their TWIC credentials.