Silicone Mock Anatomy Solutions


We specialize in making Silicone Mock Anatomy.  Some of the mock anatomy models we have manufactured include but we are not limited to; multi-chamber hearts, aortic valves, mitral valves, tricuspid valves,  aortic arches, iliacs, mock vessels, and coronaries. Our silicone mock anatomy models can be made to meet your specifications or you can choose from one of our mock anatomy models. We can take a real patient file and create a custom silicone anatomy model.  We pride ourselves in producing custom, CLEAR, high quality silicone mock anatomy and silicone mock vessels to our customers; allowing for imaging during the deployment process.

Our silicone mock vessels, conduits, and coronaries made to your specifications; starting with the interior diameter, wall thickness of the silicone, Bifurcations, Trifurcations, straight and tapered conduits, models with aneurysms. We can take true anatomy from files such as CT scans, MRI or CAD files, Solidworks and Dicom files to generate your custom silicone mock anatomy.  At Metal Professionals we have developed a process of making valves in the silicone models – both geometrical representations and actual models from patient files.  Calcification and mock lesions can be added to the models utilizing different methods. Embedded scales can be added to the models upon request. We can add embedded markers for use with fluoroscopy.  Thicknesses can range from .25 mm to 5 mm or even more – we can customize to your needs.  We can customize the ends of the silicone models or we can build custom sized adapters, such as flanges or clamp systems.  Over the past ten years, we have made advances in our compliance testing capabilities. With our state of the art compliance testing machine our silicone mock vessels are now tested to follow the ISO 7198 guidelines.  Our standard compliance is measured at 160/80 with a mean of 120mmHg.  With many customers requesting compliance measuring at 120/80 with a mean of 100mmHg, we are able to meet these requests as well as others if needed.  Metal Professionals offers specialty coatings to make the silicone mock anatomy and silicone mock vessels more lubricious. We offer two types of coatings; LSR and MP Ultralube.  These lubricious coatings allow our customers to deploy their devices in the mock anatomy or mock vessels without the device getting stuck and puncturing the silicone.  These coating can be placed on the interior or exterior of the vessels / anatomy.  We also offer some thermo-activated coloring for our silicone models upon request. Currently all of our silicone mock anatomy and silicone mock vessels are custom made to order based on the perimeters they need, although we are working on a standard product line in hopes of rolling it out in 2016. Whether it is straight tubes, bifurcations, custom models from patient files, aneurysms, or geometric models, we will work with the customer to make the models they need.  Silicone mock arteries and vessels are made to meet your specifications.  We are working on a Metal Professionals basic silicone mock anatomy line to hopefully be rolled out in the near future, for those of our customers that do not have their own patient files.

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