Nitinol Wire Forming

Metal Professionals now offers Nitinol Wire forming.  We can meet your custom needs; desired wrap technique and dimensions.

What is Nitinol?
It is a nickel- titanium metal alloy with some unique properties. It is also known as Nickel titanium. This alloy exhibits the superelasticity or pseudoelasticity and the shape memory properties. It means this unique metal can remember its original shape and shows great elasticity under stress.

How can you use Nitinol?
* Medical Applications:  The use of Nitinol stents and stone retrieval is very common, Nitinol is becoming popular in tubing of many medical devices acting as a spring, Nitinol is also used for marking and locating breast tumors, one of the most common uses of Nitinol in the medical field is for orthodontics and dentistry.
* Industrial Uses: Nitinol is commonly used in temperature controls, mechanical watch springs, as a microphone boom, retractable antenna, Nitinol sheets can also be used for punching, stamping and deep drawing.
* Other Uses: Nitinal is also used in golf clubs, and glasses.

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