Metal Professionals offers custom silicone mock anatomy, testing services, custom machined parts to a variety of customers. We specialize in you, our customer! For 20 years, Metal Professionals has been providing custom measuring machines, medical machining, alignment services, silicone mock anatomy, mock anatomy testing services, and custom research and development equipment.

Metal Professionals has a highly trained group of specialists ready to listen to your needs and make sure the products we manufacture meet those needs.  Our laboratory technicians have 10+ years of experience manufacturing our silicone mock anatomy and silicone mock vessels.  With each customer having their own specific needs our lab technicians have developed a wide knowledge of our silicone manufacturing processes and know how to provide our customers with anatomy and vessels that are clear, high quality, and compliant with measurements and testing.  Our machinists have many years of experience and know how to machine your custom parts and assemble machines to meet your specific needs.